Heritage School of Interior Design provides aspiring designers the opportunity to cultivate their talents through hands-on learning programs. Students transform their passion into an extraordinary design portfolio and an industry network in as little as six months. We foster a learning environment to スクールオブトレード develop students’ confidence as they apply the knowledge and skills necessary to professionally succeed in the interior design industry. Highly accomplished instructors and a laser-focused curriculum propel students toward their own success stories.

Turn Your Passion into Your Livelihood

Each HSID location is governed locally by the following: Portland: Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Denver: Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools and Seattle: Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. As such, each location will be making decisions based on specific state governing recommendations in addition to guidelines from the local government and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Current and upcoming students will be receiving emails with the most recent updates from the Heritage Admin team, instructors and/or school Directors. Please contact your local school Director if you have any スクールオブトレード further questions.

Your Success is Our Mission

Heritage School of Interior Design is 100% focused on Interior Design and provides a comprehensive, accelerated program that includes the creative, technical and business training to launch a career in interior design.


Learn everything you need

Our curriculum is designed to efficiently educate students with hands-on experience, at a lower cost. This intensive approach empowers students with a competitive portfolio and professional スクールオブトレード presentation skills.


Integrate into the industry

We introduce students to vendors, makers, manufacturers and other design professionals who can help support and launch their スクールオブトレード careers. This enables students to become active members of the local design community.


Join our community of success

Nearly 100% of Heritage students スクールオブトレード graduate, and greater than 85% work in the interior design industry. Many have launched successful careers, winning awards and have been featured スクールオブトレード in prestigious design publications.

Hear from Our Students

Our Approach

Heritage School of Interior Design provides aspiring designers the opportunity to cultivate their talents through hands-on learning programs. Students transform their passion into an extraordinary design portfolio and an industry network in as little as six months. We foster a learning environment to develop students’ confidence as they apply the knowledge and skills necessary to professionally succeed in スクールオブトレード the interior design industry. Highly accomplished instructors and a laser-focused curriculum propel students toward their own success stories.

Heritage is expanding! Our current schools are located in Portland, Seattle and Denver and we look forward to offering the Heritage education in more destination cities. See Our Campuses below for more information about each location.

Your Musical Adventure Begins Here!

New to Old Town School?
Let’s get you into the perfect group class.

Musical Adventure Group

Welcome Back, Returning Students!

Next session begins June 20, 2022. Classes are forming now!

We Are The スクールオブトレード Legendary
Old Town School Of Folk Music

The largest non-profit community arts school in the U.S. Teaching diverse folk music traditions to adults, kids, and everyone in between since 1957.

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A Chicago Rite Of Passage For Babies And Toddlers!

Wiggleworms classes are for kids and caregivers together, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of music. Connect with other parents and create friendships for life!

Browse classes by age, teacher, or location. Open enrollment – join anytime with in-person classes in Lincoln Park & Lincoln Square plus online offerings!

Guitar Classes

Join the longest running group guitar program in the world! Any skill level, in-person or online.

Guitar Classes

Concerts & Workshops

Your home for the best live performances in town! We’re hosting safe, in-person events in our historic concert halls. New shows on sale weekly!

Plus, スクールオブトレード in-person and online workshops from our talented teaching faculty & visiting artists.

Become A Member

Support our mission of non-profit music education and スクールオブトレード get exclusive perks, including advance pre-sale concert access and discounts on classes and concert tickets.

Upcoming Events

The Fundamentals of Argentinian Tango with Eduardo Villalba
Steve Earle & The Dukes
Clawhammer Banjo Workshops with Michael J. Miles
Fingerstyle Workshop Series with Michael J. Miles
Social Dance For Every Body: An Introduction to Gender Neutral Partnering
Ras Kwame & One Africa

Musical Adventure Group


Adults, Kids, Teens & Everyone In Between! There’s a class for everyone at Old スクールオブトレード Town School. Choose from Banjo, Dance, Ukulele, Voice, Piano, Ensembles and so much more!

Musical Adventure Group

Our Non-Profit Mission

We believe in quality arts education for everyone. Your donation and membership helps Old Town School support this mission and provide financial aid and arts programming for thousands of Chicagoans every session.

Old Town School of Folk Music is grateful to its generous donors, volunteers, and members for their dedicated commitment to the School and its work. Learn how you or your company’s tax-deductible donation can help us do even more!

Wiggleworms ®

A Chicago rite of passage for newborns through 4 years

Classes For Kids & Teens

Join our exciting and dynamic programs for kids & teens

Online Class Info

Tips and information for the best class experience in the new virtual world.

Meet Our Teaching Artists

Over 250 of the most talented artists in Chicago ready to inspire you in classes and lessons!

News from old town school

Current events, press releases, and important information happening スクールオブトレード スクールオブトレード on campus and across the Old Town School universe!

Directions & Campuses

You have to get here to be here! Easy access to スクールオブトレード our campuses via public transportation in both Lincoln Square and Lincoln Park.

Private Lessons

Get the personal attention that benefits your growth as a musician. Weekly 30-, 45-, and 60-minute varieties available for beginners or experienced players.

Hire Our Artists

Our artist engagement services offers a wide array of entertainment for any occasion by talented, professional artists. Everything from soloists to 11-piece bands, we can help take your event スクールオブトレード to the next level and help support the school at the same time!

CPA PEP & CFE Results

Learning Standards

Starting with the June 2022 CPA スクールオブトレード Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and CPA preparatory course examinations, all CPA learners will receive CPA-issued laptops at the examination writing centres to write their exams.

Am I eligible for a Temporary Program Leave?

If you are registered in CPA PEP, you are eligible to take time away from the program for スクールオブトレード documented special circumstances.

Am I eligible to study in CPA PEP as a temporary resident?

As the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), all CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) applicants must meet Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IIRC) residency requirements to be admitted to CPAWSB. If you are wondering what those residency requirements are, this week's blog post is for you!















内藤忍 プロフィール


1964年生まれ。東京大学経済学部卒、マサチューセッツ工科大学(MIT)経営大学院(スローン・スクール・オブ・マネジメント)修士課程卒(MBA)。大手信託銀行、外資系資産運用会社勤務を経て、1999年にマネックス証券株式会社の創業に参加。同社は、東証一部上場企業となる。その後、マネックス・オルタナティブ・インベストメンツ株式会社代表取締役社長、株式会社マネックス・ユニバーシティ代表取締役社長などを経て、株式会社資産デザイン研究所を設立。代表取締役社長就任。一般社団法人海外資産運用教育協会の代表理事も務める。 著作は30冊を超え、「初めての人のための資産運用ガイド」は10万部のベストセラーに。 スクールオブトレード 早稲田大学、明治大学、丸の内朝大学などで、資産運用に関する講座を開講。 ワインバー「SHINOBY`S BAR 銀座」のオーナーとしての顔も持つ。

Welcome to Maryland Smith

Welcome to a learning community that embraces the complexities of the modern world while preparing to overcome the grand challenges of tomorrow. Our world-renowned faculty and forward-looking curriculum will help you define your path, discover your passion and engage the future with purpose.

Learn From Global Thought Leaders

Launch Extraordinary Careers

Join Our Diverse, Successful Community

Experience the Power of the Smith Network

Undergraduate Program

Secure スクールオブトレード an internship that could lead to your dream job. Join a club, or join five. Study abroad. Find a specialty in our Fellows Program. And don’t miss the annual Smith in the City trip to New York. There’s nothing you can’t do as a Maryland スクールオブトレード Smith undergrad.


Among Public Institutions


Land Full-time Positions

I knew Maryland Smith was the right place to polish my skills and establish expertise. The school provided me with the right tools to achieve my goals and succeed in the professional world.

Zoha Tariq ’19

Senior Technology Risk Consultant

New Opportunities for Undergrads

Maryland Smith is launching two new undergraduate programs that will give our highest-achieving students a big-picture view of business and industry in the changing workplace. The Interdisciplinary Business Honors Living-Learning Program and the Smith Business Leadership Fellows Program are each designed to スクールオブトレード enrich the college experience for the highest-achieving undergraduate applicants and further nurture their intellectual curiosity.

MBA Programs

Ready to take on grand challenges? With スクールオブトレード a Maryland Smith MBA, you’ll be ready to adapt, innovate and lead fearlessly in a constantly evolving world.

Full-Time MBA


Flex MBA


Executive MBA


Financial Times, 2021

Online MBA


The career coaching that I received at Smith was unmatched. The connections I made and continue to make are invaluable, whether it's connecting me with someone I need to meet, or connecting someone looking for guidance with me.

Sherika Ekpo, MBA ’09

Chief スクールオブトレード スクールオブトレード Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Business Master's Programs

Maryland Smith’s Business Master’s degree programs teach you to analyze data and think critically to solve business problems. You’ll develop advanced knowledge of a specialized business area, helping you stand out to employers and make a real impact in the workplace.

Business Analytics Online

Business Analytics on Campus


Business and Management


Supply Chain Management

Marketing Analytics

Quantitative Finance

Information Systems

Plus 1 Program

The OMSBA opened new paths and スクールオブトレード taught me the fundamental skills I needed for the workforce. I interviewed with incredibly competitive companies that would have been out of スクールオブトレード スクールオブトレード reach previously. This program has been extremely beneficial for my career — it’s been everything I wanted.

Dan Waldman, MSBA ’22

PhD Program

Shaping the future of business scholarship by inspiring contributions to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge through exciting careers in research and teaching at top universities around the world.

Areas of Specialization

Current PhD Students

Your Career

Executive Education

Our broad range of expertise – from leadership training and executive スクールオブトレード スクールオブトレード coaching to data analytics and finance – empowers current and future leaders to reach their fullest potential and transform their organizations.

Tailored Programs for Organizations

Open Programs for Individuals

Open Programs for Teams

Learn from Global Thought Leaders

Our one-of-a-kind faculty create a vibrant intellectual community where you’ll be challenged to learn and grow. Our highly regarded research faculty are shaping the practice of business around the world.

Michael Kimbrough

Michael Kimbrough

Albert “Pete” Kyle

Albert “Pete” スクールオブトレード Kyle

Ritu Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal

Roland Rust

Roland Rust

Wendy Moe

Wendy Moe

Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta

Current Research Articles

When Groupon stormed onto the e-commerce scene in 2008 it sought to bring group buying to the スクールオブトレード U.S. But unlike in China, it never quite panned out as the company envisioned forcing it to pivot to coupons. Now, スクールオブトレード new research from Maryland Smith is examining why that happened and how companies can best implement the strategy.

Extreme weather that has increasingly hammered factories, rail lines, ports and highways is expected to intensify as the globe continues to warm. Across industries, leadership teams have スクールオブトレード awakened to the high degree of financial risk posed by this climate change. Executives are asking: How exposed is our global supply chain network? Which critical sites have the highest exposure in terms of revenue impact? Which types of events could potentially affect each スクールオブトレード site? Are appropriate business continuity plans in place to protect our operations?

Barring an unusually high bill, most of us pay our utility スクールオブトレード bills and don’t think much else of it. What many of us don’t know is utility companies, already low margin businesses, need スクールオブトレード to be highly efficient in reading our utility meters every billing cycle in order to avoid unnecessary costs. This is where the meter-reading スクールオブトレード technology research from Maryland Smith comes in.

Feeling comfortable enough to speak up and share your ideas and opinions at work is usually a good thing – that’s the environment most organizations should want to encourage. But some managers who solicit input might not give employees who do so enough credit, finds new research from Maryland Smith’s Subra Tangirala.

Imagine a world where your deliveries are always スクールオブトレード スクールオブトレード on time and your food is never cold. Restaurants are able to coordinate when to cook orders and apps are able to スクールオブトレード efficiently assign drivers multiple orders or even ask customers picking up an order if they would be willing to drop off an order with their neighbor on the way back. This is the efficient world Maryland Smith professor Zhi-Long Chen and Ohio State University professor Nicholas G. Hall are hoping to help create through their newly published book, “Supply Chain Scheduling.”

Running into a one-way or no-left-turn street can be pretty frustrating as a driver. It’s an even bigger problem for vehicles responsible for mapping streets as well. But new research from Maryland Smith has a solution.

In the workplace, success sometimes comes down to how competitive you are. And sometimes it comes down to how competitive the people are who are advocating on your behalf.

Firms are more likely to face accounting-related lawsuits for overstating their earnings or assets than for understating them because it’s easier to demonstrate investor harm with overstatements. So erring on スクールオブトレード スクールオブトレード the conservative side can reduce a firm’s legal costs.

“People analytics” – traceable to 1911’s The Principles of Scientific Management, which sought to apply engineering methods to managing people – has exploded with advances in computer power, statistical methods and artificial intelligence (AI).

As the world struggles to contain the spread of COVID-19, many countries grapple with the possibility of imposing more lockdown measures, like those widely used in the spring of 2020. But how well do lockdowns work at keeping people home? New research from Maryland Smith’s Yogesh Joshi finds they are effective – but for limited periods of time.

In a new Journal of Marketing special issue, “New Technologies スクールオブトレード in Marketing,” Maryland Smith’s Michel Wedel co-authors an editorial that outlines how academics can support marketers to deliver data-driven growth.

Even the スクールオブトレード most powerful manager sometimes cleans up dishes in the breakroom, and even the least powerful employees in organizations sometimes get to make important decisions. These examples indicate that power is a dynamic state – we often feel both powerful and powerless at work on any given day. New research from Maryland Smith’s Trevor Foulk suggests that this fluctuating sense of power can have surprising effects on our well-being.


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